Beauty in the worst times

In those moments we feel stretched to the limit, where we think we’re about to snap or even break….that moment contains the most amazing opportunity to encounter God in way we could never imagine.

We are pastors, and contrary to what some believe our life is not perfect. We go through trials. Heavy ones. We cry, we hurt, we bleed. We cry out to God for things others could not imagine, or even understand. Yet I have found in my worst moments, God has never failed to show up. He has shown me he’s there. His presence alone is enough to lift all troubles away, even when the solution has not yet come.

In a recent situation I felt my heart growing heavy, and I let impatience get a hold of me. I asked God questions I honestly don’t ask him often…..Why are we going through this? What did we do? Where did we go wrong? After a few minutes of genuinely pouring out my anger and speaking to God with transparency I walked out of the room feeling vulnerable, hurt, and waiting for a response.

A little while later as I rocked my youngest I heard the words to a song my husband was playing in the other room. “All I need is you…..all I need is you, Lord.” At that moment I felt the Holy Spirit come to comfort me. My heart began to sing and in an instant the heaviness was lifted. God reminded me at that moment that my security lies in Him, not what my eyes see.

I don’t need to have it all resolved to have peace. He IS the peace I need. He is faithful to take care of my situation, but in the meantime he wanted me to know HE was enough for me.

Beloved, HE is enough for you. You don’t have to have it all figured out, but talk to the one who knows and is constant. Faithful, loving and perfect in all He does. Even in the worst times, there is beauty.