He doesn’t NEED your worship.

IMG_0128Yes, that’s right. He doesn’t need it. Our worship doesn’t define God. It doesn’t make Him any more or less who He is. Somewhere in our minds we think that because it pleases Him, it must mean that He’s getting something out of it. When in fact it is quite the contrary. What if I told you that WE are the one who benefit when we worship Him…. There is an immense process that goes on inside of us when we push through the boundaries that our own flesh puts on us making us feel too tired, too busy, too embarrassed, too awkward… you get the point. Your worship does not bring Him closer to you, it brings YOU closer to Him. He has always been there. Hasn’t moved, and isn’t planning to. He is the God who was, is and always will be. The God of all the universe does not grow stronger because people worship Him. We are the ones who grow stronger with each breath we let out in our moment of worship. Feeling guilty? Not worthy? None of us are, but in the midst of our sincerest worship we are made new. We are given a new chance and opportunity to start fresh that very moment. In our worship we are opened up for God to cleanse us, strengthen us, and embrace us in His love. So no, He doesn’t need your worship, YOU have a need to worship Him.