Worth it all

wpid-wp-1432669494681.jpegPressure on your chest, headaches, feeling like you can’t breathe…. Signs of stress that take over and you just can’t shake it off. Stress is a part of life, it gets us moving or pushes us to complete tasks, sometimes even sharpens our senses. But the stress that comes from our lack of trust in the Holy One…that takes you to the danger zone. We all at one point have felt it, and in our human nature it will always strive to creep it’s way into our thoughts (many times successfully), but that doesn’t give it the right to stay there. We have been given a powerful tool, one that the world does not have, and that is our faith. From our faith we receive the strength to keep going, to keep believing, to keep fighting.”Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see….” Faith brings peace and security beyond what this world can offer and in the darkest of times. When it all goes wrong, when we lose it all, when it seems like the end…faith remains. God remains. Jesus remains. If we lose it all, He still remains…. His love is perfect and He is worth it ALL.